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IMG_0826Landa is Going Green!
It’s been months in the making, but Landa Gardens is officially going green!  We have adopted a new initiative to ensure the sustainable and environmentally friendly impact of the Gardens on the environment.  Maintenance is an enormous part of what we do at Landa and it is important that we are taking responsible steps to preserve the land for future use.  Starting in 2014, we began testing the soil in and around the gardens, which led to the development of an organic fertilizer deigned specifically to restore the natural biology of the soil. This soil treatment and the introduction of more natural methods of pest control will allow us to move away from the use of chemicals in our future maintenance plans.   The process to turn the soil will take 2-3 years, and it is a commitment we believe will yield positive results.  Not only will the literal make-up of the earth be restored, but we will also be able to conserve water. In the interest of preservation, the Board is actively monitoring our water usage and plotting the use of increased drip irrigation systems.  Finding opportunities to create efficiencies in our lighting and electric use is also part of the holistic approach to “greening” our Gardens.  We are especially appreciative of those who have committed their time, money, and talents to making this a reality and we hope you will continue to enjoy the fruits of their labor.