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Landa Library Gardens need your help.

During this time of irrigation watering restrictions we need over a hundred volunteers to help hand water the beds and lawns of Landa Library. If you have not been over there recently, please come visit. It is a beehive of activities: kids with parents and grandparents playing on the playground equipment, couples strolling the gardens, picnics, birthday parties, christenings, Easter egg hunts, and weddings.

The volunteer time is a great way for students to get their community service hours requirements. If you know of any Boys or Girls Scout or church groups which might be interested, please let me know. We take volunteers of all ages. We divide the Landa beds and lawns up into about 100 sections and have a volunteer (or partner volunteer) responsible for that area. It becomes their responsibility to water (about 45 minutes) their area twice a week (time and days at the convenience of the volunteer) during the time of water restrictions. If you are interested in helping, please email

Thank you Green Space Alliance for sharing your interns with us. They helped with the community garden’s work evening. We loved their enthusiasm!