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Community Garden

A Medieval Garden

The Landa Community Garden is located on the west side of the grounds of the Landa Branch of the San Antonio Public Library. In the Fall of 2007, Landa Community Garden was started as the result of a series of community meetings facilitated by the Landa Gardens Conservancy.

The current design and medieval theme came from the existing geometric layout of the garden. A medieval garden has four components: beauty, fragrance, medicinal and culinary. The Landa Community Garden’s version of the medieval garden is comprised of the distinct areas of Beauty and Color, Herbs, Medicinal, Grasses and Culinary. Some flexibility was introduced to the design by allowing the mixture of culinary plants in with other beds and allowing a selection of plants agreed on by the Community Gardeners.

After many Saturdays of preparation by digging out the old beds and refilling with soil and the paths with gravel, the Community Gardeners planted the first seeds in early Spring 2008. The garden will change, every season and every year as some plants die or don’t do well, seasonal/annual plants that may change every year and as other community members become involved and incorporate their ideas into this community’s garden.

The Landa Community Garden is a place of creativity, education, relaxation, diversity, exercise and health. We welcome a variety of talents to maintain the best garden possible: Planners, Laborers, Waterers, and Weed-Pullers to name a few. If needed, “Work Days” are planned on Saturdays. The Community Garden is open to the public and welcomes all to enjoy the environment of what the Gardeners have sowed.

If you have comments, suggestions or questions about the Community Garden please contact us.