The Landa Gardens Conservancy would like to offer recognition to our Sustaining Donors, as well as those who have donated in honor of or in memory of someone.


Claire and John Alexander

Mary Hastings Arno and Peter Hollimon

Emilie and Bill Baine

Lisa Roberts and Rob Barnett

Kay and Sam Bashara

Laura and Michael Baucum

Nel and Walter Belt

Alison and Taylor Boone

Aimee and Ernest Bromley

Laurie Pomerantz and Brian Callahan

Mary and Jim Caruth

Rebecca Simmons and Richard Clemons

Catherine Z. Cummins

Janna-Neen Cunningham

Anne and Quincy Davidson

Karla and Thomas Davis

Kristin and Adam Eisenhauer

Sarah and Hugh Fitzsimons

Caroline Forgason

Suzanne Gallagher and Gregg Kosterlitzky

Nicole Garcia and Shawn Brown

Gayle and John Girdley

Lauren and Shawn Golden

Mark and Nicole Greenberg

Karen Hasty

Karen Hixon

Vanessa and Cliff Hurd

Jill Torbert and Vincent Johnson

Jessie and Richard Kardys

Heidi Becker and Aaron Kirkpatrick

Suzy and Cappy Lawton

Ingrid T. Lee

Jane and Larry Macon

Selina and Pat Maloney

Danny Markson

Ann Van Pelt and John J. McCusker

Laura and Don McDonald

Mary and Sean McNelis

Janet and Mike Molak

Laura and Lew Moorman

Renee and Bob Murray

Oak Park Cleaners

Mary Philip

Holly and Adam Rabinowitz

Gail and Marc Raney

Tashya and Lane Riggs

Ethel T. Runion

Lorin and Forrest Runnels

Ramiro Salazar

Cecil and William Scanlan

Daniela and Tony Serna

Gregory Skillern

South Texas Money Management, Ltd.

Drs. Allison and Eric H. Stocker

Tesoro Employee Engagement Fund

Pam and David A. Thomas, III

Toman Family

Lisa and Jason Westmoreland

Sonya and Gene Williams


Prissy Affleck

Trisha Chilcutt

Vicki Boyce

Bill Goodman

Lynn A. Boyd III

Bill Goodman

Holden and Gray Griffin

Lou Celia and Don Frost

Charles Urschel Guenther

Valerie and Jack Guenther

Jody Lutz

Emily and Brad Jones

Tim Maloney and Colleen Casey

Bill Goodman

William Noe

Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Cynthia and Chris Ryan

John Newman Family Charitable Trust of the SAAF

Jill Torbert

Jean Brady

Ann Van Pelt

Jean Brady

Genie and Ronald K. Calgaard

Ingrid T. Lee

Margaret McCusker


Ginger Crawford Kothmann

Bobbie and Stan McCormick

Hannah Landa

Janna-Neen Jones

William McCrae

Christine McCrae-Kelly and Kevin Kelly

Darryl Mix

Darcy Mix

Clyde Wilson

Barbara and John Cantrell

Barbara Yu

Ann Van Pelt and John J. McCusker


The Texas Library Association has awarded the Landa Gardens Conservancy with the 2009 Benefactor Award. This prestigious award recognizes substantial donations such as land, buildings, stocks, cash and collections by individuals, institutions and foundations to libraries.

The Landa Gardens Conservancy was honored as a Library Champion by the San Antonio Public Library on June 22, 2008.

The Landa Gardens Conservancy was honored by Respite Care of San Antonio on March 22, 2007 at its fifth anniversary of “A Celebration of Love and Children” dinner.